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Detail & Scale Books

Quick Links to Available Detail & Scale Series Publications.

Detail & Scale Series

F3H Demon in
Detail & Scale
**********F9F Cougar in Detail & Scale
Revised Edition

F2H Banshee in
Detail & Scale, Pt. 1


SBD Dauntless in
Detail & Scale


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Scale Modeling Websites:
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Photo Galleries

T-28 Trojan (USN & USMC Service) Gallery:


USN & USMC T-28B General Photo Set

USN & USMC T-28B Detail Photo Set

T-28B, BuNo. 137641 Ramp Shoot Photo Set

T-28B, BuNo. 137658 Ramp Shoot Photo Set

USN & USMC T-28C General Photo Set

USN & USMC T-28C Detail Photo Set

Check back often for additional Photo Galleries that will be added on a regular basis.

Use the link below to go directly to those sets:

Link to USAF T-28 photo sets, click here.